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High-speed Connectivity in Western Europe

We are Relined Fiber Network

We are Relined Fiber Network. The leading, independent supplier of reliable, high-speed connectivity. As we have 15,500 kilometres of fibre-optic network at our disposal, we are one of the few players on the market to offer nationwide cover. We are able to connect up various central business districts as well as our own metro networks in Frankfurt and Stuttgart, including 40 connected PoP locations! This means Relined is superbly placed to fulfil the growing demand for connectivity in Germany.

And beyond! We have a total of 30,000 kilometres of network in Germany and the Netherlands, to which more than 140 carrier-neutral data centres have (redundant) connections, and we also offer an offshore network between the Netherlands and Denmark. We work with a range of network operators in those areas where we do not have our own physical network. Naturally, applying our high quality requirements and SLA. All of which means we put the connections into connectivity within Western Europe.

We are connecting the dots

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Relined Fiber Network

Relined is a subsidiary of TenneT TSO, a Dutch state-owned company that also operates in Germany. TenneT is a supplier of electricity that plays a large role in the energy transition in Germany. Relined is considered a solid and reliable player in the market. Being part of TenneT is also a proof of financial security, reliability and consistency.

In the Netherlands, Relined has accumulated more than 18 years of knowledge and experience. Since 2017, Relined is also been active in Germany with a nationwide backbone network and a metro network in Frankfurt. Since 2020, Relined GmbH has acquired the German company Globalways GmbH. This means Relined now also has a regional network in Stuttgart and years of strong knowledge and experience of the German market.

Relined GmbH is the supplier of backbone connections, dark fiber, across the country and beyond. Globalways offers internet products to the business market, such as Ethernet, internet VoIP and cloud access.

Our core values

Customer orientation

Our customers are at the heart of what we do. Your challenges become ours as we work towards creating the best solutions for your IT infrastructure.

Professional expertise

We are professionals who know our field. We have the right knowledge and experience, but we also remain curious and keen to learn, which allows us to keep on developing.


Quality is our watchword. This is reflected in our network, how we provide our services, and our employees.


At Relined, we are open in our communication. We say what we do and why we are doing it. Our lines of communication are short and we like to interact with our customers.

How we can help you

Relined’s team of specialists is well experienced with the challenges facing your organisation in terms of high-speed connectivity. We are aware that security, flexibility and continuity of IT infrastructure are significant determining factors in the quality of the services you provide. And that you are therefore looking to strengthen and optimise your IT environment. Thanks to our professional, customer-oriented approach – and a high-speed network providing cover throughout Germany and the Netherlands – we are able to provide high-speed, tailor-made connectivity to business customers in all sectors.

You are at the heart of what we do. We are always thinking from the customer’s point of view and take a professional, truthful approach. Our specialists will analyse your challenges in depth and work with you to come up with the best possible solutions. We are committed to helping your organisation and business – and we remain so after the services have been delivered. Because our goal is to build strong, long-term relationships with our customers, ensuring that we can continue to deliver the best possible services.

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