Relined expands its reach into Germany with a 14,500 km fiber network

Relined Fiber Network, the independent Dutch provider of Dark Fiber, is now spreading its wings further by offering its clients access to a network in Germany with nationwide coverage. With this high-quality network  Relined can now offer its clients access to over 14,500 km of fibre infrastructure in Germany that includes networks in many German cities. Relined already has its own Dark Fiber metropolitan network in the financial and business centre that is Frankfurt am Main, which also provides redundant connections with a large number of data centres.

Rental of Dark Fiber

Relined has been active in the Netherlands for 15 years, offering Dark Fiber connections over unused fiber optic infrastructure. There are many parties who have laid fiber optic networks over the years with a variety of purposes. The owners and operators of fibre optic networks in Germany are primarily telecommunications, cable television and energy suppliers. They have often built their networks jointly or in cooperation with electric utilities in order to save on construction costs. These networks are partly used by the owners themselves and sometimes leased to other telco companies. Relined is actively working with managers of such networks to make the unused capacity available to the market. By interconnecting these networks, Relined can provide unique routes to national and international customers.


Relined has also been active in Germany since the beginning of this year. In Frankfurt am Main, Relined has its own metro network to which many data centres are redundantly connected. In recent months, Relined has been making active investments to be able to deliver Dark Fiber connections in the rest of the country. The partnership agreement with NGN is the first result of this effort.

Collaboration with NGN

The NGN Fiber Network has a high-quality national fibre-optic network. The high quality of this network, its national coverage, the connection of various cities and its unique location make NGN’s network an excellent basis for Relined to provide local, regional and national connections. The network can be better utilised through cooperation. The NGN network is continuously being expanded with new ‘Strecken’.

International network

Together with preferred suppliers, including NGN, Relined has more than 28,500 km of high-quality dark fibre infrastructure at its disposal in Germany and the Netherlands. This network provides access to many locations. The network in Germany also provides access to networks in neighbouring countries such as Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Austria, Poland and the Czech Republic.In addition to national connections and a fine-meshed Dark Fiber network in various city centres in the Netherlands and Germany, Relined operates an off-shore cable between the Netherlands and Denmark, the COBRA Fiber Optic Cable.

Dark Fiber

Dark Fiber, or unexposed fiber, is a term for fiber optics to which no active equipment has yet been connected. The active equipment is needed to send and receive data through the fibre and is purchased and managed by customers themselves. An unlit fibre therefore has almost unlimited possibilities.