National and international Dark Fiber connections in North-western Europe

Long-haul network

Thanks in part to our preferred suppliers NGN, TenneT, BT and ProRail Relined’s Dark Fiber network extends over 30,000 kilometres of fibre-optic cable – more than 15,500 km in Germany and 14,500 kilometres in the Netherlands. This allows us to offer complete cover in both countries, which means that we are able to make a connection to practically any location for you. We deliver reliable long-distance connections but also have a close-knit network in various central business districts, to which many data centres and offices are connected. Alongside these (redundant) land-based connections, Relined offers an offshore network between the Netherlands and Denmark, facilitating superfast connections to the Nordics.


Connectivity in the Netherlands, Germany and the Nordics 


The Dark Fiber network in Germany also offers nationwide cover. Long-distance connections linking central business districts can easily be created. In addition, within the central business districts a close-knit Dark Fiber network is available to which many offices and data centres are connected. In Germany, we also have our own metro network in Frankfurt.

The Netherlands

Relined supplies network capacity throughout the Netherlands. We offer a high degree of network density and are extremely well represented in ten central business districts in the Netherlands, including Amsterdam (with our own metro network), Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, Eindhoven and Groningen.


Thanks to our offshore network between the Netherlands and Demark, the COBRA Fiber Optic Cable, you have a reliable, superfast connection between the Netherlands and Scandinavia at your disposal – in addition, you can link easily from Esbjerg to land-based networks or the undersea cable towards the UK.

Data centres

Our network is constantly developing. We regularly connect new, well-secured data centres (redundantly) to our network. There are now more than 120 of these!

ILA sites

Regenerator equipment can be placed with Relined at strategic locations in the country. Virtually all of our locations have optimum security.

Cooperating networks

Do we not have a network in a particular region? In these cases, we work with local and regional networks. Applying the same high network requirements, of course.