Public sector

Your sensitive data safe and available 24/7? We provide the high-quality network; you are in control.

As a company, you face major challenges in the field of connectivity. Digitalisation is transforming our society. Citizens and organisations prefer to arrange their affairs quickly and securely online.

Smart cities

Cities, regions and municipalities are becoming smart: smart cities. They respond to themes such as energy consumption, sustainability, mobility, quality of life and health. More and more devices are connected to the Internet (Internet of Things) and your internal business operations are also becoming more dependent on digital applications every day.

Digitisation in healthcare

Digitisation in the healthcare sector is not standing still either. Healthcare must be provided faster, more efficiently and at a distance. Digital resources are being used extensively to achieve this. Patient details can be exchanged online, consultations can be partly conducted remotely and home measurements are also becoming more common. These are all great developments, but they also mean that connectivity is no longer just an ‘ICT thingy’.

In short, with the digitalisation of society, the pressure on your IT infrastructure is high. A lot of bandwidth is needed to realise and optimise the above. In addition, data must be available always and everywhere, which makes 24/7 availability of your network a must. And last but not least: security is crucial. The (privacy) sensitive data that you work with must be protected.

Digitisation in education

Digital teaching aids are here to stay, including in your classroom. You use smartphones, digital whiteboards and tablets in abundance to make learning more innovative and to provide customised or distance education. Perhaps you want to link different branches of your school community to simplify information exchange? Or digitise routine tasks to free up time to focus on the development of pupils/students?

Digitisation in education is a wonderful development that leads to optimisation of education, but also poses a challenge: how do I create an IT network that is always available, enables fast connections and protects my data (and traffic)? In some cases, lessons cannot be given without an Internet connection and you want to prevent sensitive data that you work with from being leaked. Finally, a lot of bandwidth is needed to prevent the internet from becoming slow. Especially since students all have a different device and demand a lot of your bandwidth.

We are here to help!

We would like to help you with all these different challenges. Relined provides the foundation for good connectivity, in the form of Dark Fiber. Dark Fiber allows you to create your own network over which you have complete control. You decide which services you want to transport over the connection, how much bandwidth you allocate per service and how you protect your data and data traffic (and store it externally). We only provide the connection from A to B (and if desired to C), consisting of reliable and stable Dark Fibers. Your company remains fully in control.