Building the best network infrastructure together

Telecom and ICT

When it comes to mobile telephony, Internet and related services, your customers count on quality, availability and flexibility. They want lightning-fast internet, 24/7 availability and access to their services wherever they are: in the office, at home and on the road.

Cloud workplace

With the Corona pandemic, the new way of working has made its appearance at a fast pace. Online access to systems, video conferencing with colleagues and customers are part and parcel of the new way of working. Many IT infrastructures are now increasingly cloud-based. And the IT manager can manage it remotely and centrally.

The network required to provide this service optimally must be stable and reliable. The connections must be dedicated, suitable for high bandwidths and with low attenuation so that little delay is noticed.

Relined Fiber Network

Together we build the foundation for your or your customers IT infrastructure, using our fine-meshed Dark Fiber network. Our Dark Fiber connections are reliable, secure and redundant. They offer unlimited bandwidth and super-fast scalability, enabling extra bandwidth to be allocated to a service in no time at all.

We are happy to think along with you, both during the set-up phase and afterwards. We switch quickly and have a short delivery time.