Dark Fiber Definition

Dark Fiber means unlit fibre optics: fibre optics not connected to any active equipment. To generate a signal for the sending and receiving of data, optical equipment has to be connected to the fibres. Without this, the fibres literally remain unilluminated, or dark – hence: Dark Fiber.

Complete control and unlimited scalability

Relined stellt Ihre unbeleuchteten Glasfaserkabel zur Verfügung. Diese werden nicht gemeinsam genutzt – und sind daher sicher – und bieten Ihnen die vollständige Kontrolle und damit auch die volle Freiheit. Sie und nur Sie bestimmen, welche Dienste Sie über die Verbindung übertragen und wie viel Bandbreite Sie Ihrem Netzwerk oder dem Ihrer Kunden zur Verfügung stellen wollen. Die Bandbreite ist unbegrenzt, also sind auch die Möglichkeiten ziemlich genau so. Und da Sie die volle Kontrolle behalten, können Sie ganz einfach skalieren, wenn Sie oder Ihr Kunde es brauchen.

Complete control and unlimited scalability

Relined provides your unlit fibre optics. These are not shared – and therefore secure – and offer you complete control, and so also complete freedom. You and only you determine what services you will transmit through the connection and how much bandwidth you will allocate to your network, or your customer’s. The bandwidth is unlimited, so the possibilities pretty much are too. And because you retain total control, you can easily scale up as and when you or your customer need to.

Dark Fiber Applications

  • Co-location
  • Redundancy
  • Back-up
  • VoIP
  • Workplace management

Want to know more?

The costs and pricing for a Dark Fibre connection depend on the location of your organisation and the on-site availability of the network.  For a quotation you can contact our salesteam.

Unlimited scalability and more

Advantages of Dark Fiber

  • 100% managed by you, so you have complete control
  • Can be scaled up based on your connectivity requirements, up to 80 channels
  • All services on one fibre optic
  • Extremely secure, as you have your own illumination equipment

With Dark Fiber we guarantee

  • Unlimited bandwidth at your disposal
  • Network is not shared with third parties
  • Complete freedom in (strategic) choice of services
  • Low latency


Unlit fibre optics (Dark Fiber) allow you to create an extremely secure network, as you control all the peripherals needed. It is also possible to implement extra encryption (security) on the signal. An interesting option for banks, hospitals and other organisations working with sensitive data.

Need help setting up?

We often work with System Integrators setting up and managing the network. They are experts in all the technical aspects involved in connecting a broadband network.

Who is it for?

Dark Fiber is perfect for companies with a need for a highly stable, reliable and secure connection, which is also scalable. Our customers acquire their own transmission equipment to suit their individual requirements.